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The quality of our products

Our company produces a wide variety of products. In all production processes we keep the highest standards and apply the knowledge we acquired after more than 30 years of production. Our patterns are from Greek and Italian famous designers. We have a variety of colors and types of fur. The designs you will see can be made with many types of fur depending on your desire. Contact us for what you specifically request.
Zisis Furs cover all styles, ages and prices. Through a wide variety of colors, materials and techniques, we prepare, design and implement our collections.


- Mink coat, half coat and jackets
- Hare and chinchilla jackets and half coat
- Leather Sheepskin, merinos and toscana
- Hares, foxes, raccoons, lynx and astrakhan vests
- Leather jackets and half coats from Napa
- Accessories to match your choices, such as hats, scarves and bags

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